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Wide Format printing is more than just a banner printed on a piece of vinyl and for Graphics 2000 it’s more than just another profit center. It's our dedication to providing the best quality printing for our customers regardless of size or substrate. Our calculated leap into wide format printing is at the urging of our dedicated and loyal customers’ desires for the same quality printing and customer service they’ve always experienced with us, just in larger formats. Of course, Graphics 2000 never skimps on quality, so our ever expanding wide format department is loaded with the best printing equipment available in the industry. Plus, in keeping with our tradition of pushing the envelope with unique coatings and textures, we even have the ability to print with white and raised inks.


Most Common Questions for Wide Format


Wide format printing covers a wide variety of processes, presses, and materials. We’ll break down the things you need to know and what you should ask. As always, you can ask for advice from our wide format experts.

Printing Processes

Wide format printing presses fall into two basic categories depending on the rigidity of the material on which they print.

Soft and pliable materials are typically printed with a roll-fed press. Rigid materials like wood or plastic are printed on a flat-bed press.

Graphics 2000 has both of these types of presses available.

Common Substrates

Materials for roll-fed presses are extremely diverse. From common vinyl banners to adhesive wall graphics there is a wide variety of thicknesses and even stickiness for just about any application.

For flat-bed presses, most materials come in sheets sizes up to 48" x 96" with thicknesses up to 2". Flat-bed printing is more flexible with the ability to print directly to glass, wood, and metal.

Popular Applications

From window and floor clings to trade show graphics, even custom counter-tops, wide format printing provides a huge amount of options for displaying your brand.

Look around, it's hard not to see wide format print applications everywhere around you.

Our wide format team is happy to provide you with inspiration, material suggestions, even installation.


Most Requested Wide Format Products

Wall Graphics & wallpaper

Cover the walls, ceilings, even floors with custom printed permanent and temporary wall paper and clings.


Wayfinding & Signage

With our flatbed presses we can produce signage on a ton of materials, from clear plexiglass to rigid aluminum.

Field & Yard Signs

Custom yard signs, perfect for real estate, special events, even political candidates.

Red and White Real Estate Yard Sign (1).

Posters & Banners

From custom printed event posters to giant grand opening banners, we print them all - and fast.


Custom Dimensional Signage

Three-dimensional signage adds an element of depth to a flat sign's height and width. The shape, shadows and shading of 3D letters, logos and graphics catch the eye like no two-dimensional flat sign can

Event Displays & Trade Show

From simple pop-up banners to full trade show displays, we'll make you look great for any event or cause.

Canvas Wraps

Turn your photos and designs into custom work of art with printed and hand wrapped custom canvases of any size

Graphics & Window Clings

Custom cut vinyl window graphics of any size printed and installed quickly.

premium Wide Format Printing Equipment

Have specific questions or need help with your next wide format printing project? Just ask! We are here to help and equipped with a full staff of passionate print experts.


Flora PP 2512UV - Flatbed

Description    |    Flatbed Inkjet

Colors  |   8 Color (CMYKKYMC + White & Raised)

Ink Type   |   Ultra Violet Cured Ink

Max Size   |    49.2″ x 98.4"

Max Image Area      |      48″ x 96"

Max Thickness    |      1.94

Additional Details   |   White Ink and Varnish/Raised


HP DesignJet 800ps - Wide Format

Description    |    Wide Format Printer

Colors  |   4 Color (CMYK)

Ink Type   |   Ink Jet Cartridge

Max Size   |    106.68cm x 45.72m

Additional Details   |   Sheet/Roll Fed


Graphtec CE7000-60 - Vinyl Plotter

Description    |    Roll fed Vinyl Plotter/Cutter

Max Sheet Width    |     24″ x 164"

Max Image Width     |     23″ x 79"

Additional Details   |    Roll fed materials required

WHC-Pro Router & Plasma Cutter

Description    |    Router/Plasma Cutter

Materials  |   PVC, Metal, Wood, Foamcore

Max Size   |    6ft x 12ft

Additional Details   |   Custom Dimensional Graphics

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